Commercial Lending Solutions

Lending products designed to support businesses move towards a cleaner future.

We access flexible lending solutions through our comprehensive lender network to support businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.
Enabling businesses to experience the benefits of Solar and other energy-efficient products, without paying the upfront costs. In most cases, this can become a cash-flow positive solution.
We are here to support ABN holders, Companies, Sole traders, Partnerships, NPOs, Trusts, Body Corps, Owners Corps, etc.


RPS can also provide other lending products to support business growth, including Business Loans, Business Facility Limits, Chattel Mortgages etc.^

^    subject to lender credit criteria and approval

Common Product Types

Rental / Lease

This is a form of lending, where the lender owns the equipment, and you pay a fixed periodic amount over an agreed term. Typically, these costs are considered operating expenses.
At the end of the term, you may have the option of acquiring the equipment for a nominal amount depending on the value of the equipment.

Chattel Mortgage

Under this arrangement, you own the equipment from the outset of the agreement and pay a fixed periodic amount over an agreed term. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to claim depreciation and interest charges as an expense. The financier accepts the equipment as security for the agreement.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

This is an agreement where the PPA Provider owns, maintains, and insurers the equipment.
You purchase the power generated from the PPA Provider at an agreed rate and for an agreed term. The agreed rate is typically lower than your local electricity provider.
At the end or during the term, the ownership of the equipment may be transferred to you.
The typical benefits of a PPA are you get to experience the energy savings, without the ongoing maintenance, insurance, or any up-front capital costs.
This solution may be ideal for larger systems and those looking for a longer-term engagement with limited involvement.